Overall Course Metrics 

When you first log in to the Content Dashboard, you will see an overview of your course metrics. 

Here is a breakdown of our expectations for a high performing course. 

Chapter Level Quality Metrics 

DataCamp tracks several quantitative metrics for each course chapter. These can help you begin to isolate which parts of your course may need maintenance. 

Keep in mind that the % completions for Chapter 1 will normally be lower than other chapters, as learners may start a course out of curiosity before discontinuing. This does not indicate an issue that needs to be solved. 

Avg rating: Average overall chapter rating. If one chapter has a significantly lower course rating than the others, this may be an indication that the chapter contains a problematic exercise. 

% completions: Completion rate for users who have started the course in this time period. (Note that we would expect % completions to decrease in recent time periods, since users have had less time to complete the course) 

# messages: number of feedback messages left by learners on exercises. These often report bugs, typos, or mistakes in our submission correctness tests, and they should be your first priority when looking to maintain your exercises. 

% hint: Percentage of exercise starts where a hint was used. 

% solution:  Percentage of exercise starts where the solution was requested

See here for more information on interpreting Course Chapter Metrics.

Exercise Level Quality Metrics 

DataCamp tracks several quantitative metrics related to each exercise. Students can also report qualitative feedback for any exercise. See below for the metrics tracked for each Course exercise. (Found in the Dashboard under the “Browse Exercises” tab)


Difficulty of the exercise: 

  • Percentage of students who asked for hints
  • Percentage of students who asked for the solution
  • Percentage of students who got the answer right on the first attempt 

Count of students 

  • How many students completed the exercise

Student happiness 

  • Number of feedback messages (issues) reported
  • Percentage of students who volunteered to provide feedback on whether they found a hint or SCT helpful or not 



  • Learner provided feedback on a problem they had with the exercise 

SCT (Submission Correctness Test) related feedback messages

  • SCTS are given when a learner submits incorrect code

Incorrect Attempts

  • See what code learners submitted as incorrect answers by using the diff view 

See here for more information on Interpreting Course Exercise Metrics

See here for more information on Interpreting User Feedback Messages

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