The first month or two after your course has soft launched is critical to perform course maintenance. At this time, you should be checking learner feedback and all course metrics at least once a week. 

After your course has met criteria for hard launch, we encourage you to check in on your course every week for the first month or two. This is because the number of people taking your course will increase dramatically, and you may become aware of some previously unknown issues that should be addressed right away. 

After the first few months, try to check in on your course about once a month. This way, you can make small changes as needed, instead of hours of changes once a quarter or once a year!

Remember, YOU  are responsible for maintaining your course. There will only be occasional check-ins with a member of the Content Quality team if:

  • Further student feedback indicates a problem with an exercise.
  • The packages/libraries used are updated causing changes that break the course.
  • The course is put into a Career Track or Skill Track, which has stricter quality requirements than stand-alone courses.

Please note that any edits made to your course will have to be reviewed by DataCamp Content-Quality. Please allow 3-5 business days for edits to be reviewed and implemented. 

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